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Management Tools

The platform provides the tools to efficiently manage data on all levels of the hierarchy. This section may provide operations available to each member of the hierarchy to have a perfect running your business. Starting with the lowest level of the hierarchy, such as Point of Sale, find tools that will separate only the top level, up to the manager that keeps all of these options, but others may exercise only.

Creating Users, balance inquiry, retrieval and key change, balance transfer, query extract, sales reports, deposit report, enable or disable users. The string is the only user who can make sales to the final consumer.

In addition to the tools that have the POS, the Sub-Distributor few additional features that allow you to manage your network. These are: Create POS, enable or disable them, assign commissions to their points of sale, balance inquiries and statements, sales reports, its Committees.

In addition to the tools that have the POS and Sub-Distributor, the Distributor additional features that allow you to expand the coverage of its network management. These are: create sub-distributors and Outlets. Edit Subdistributors.

In addition to the tools that have the POS, the Sub-Distributor and the Distributor, the wholesaler can cover a greater scope to expand its network. Normally, with this option, complete networks can be integrated into the system, they can bring their products (labels) and use or access the product marketing Manager. Among the new features, you can: Create Dealers, Distributors Edit, Create Tickets, Tickets Edit, Integration Private Labels.


It is the company that manages the Platform Transaction Services, through a strategic alliance or direct negotiation. It is the only one with access to the whole system, from the top of the hierarchy tree. You can access the system and control all network management within it. Creating Direct POS, or Sub-Distributors, Resellers and Wholesalers, are among the options available. It is responsible for negotiating access to the system of white markings and all negotiations with telephone operators, providers of products and / or services and collections.

Among the administrative tools offered Transaction Services Platform, are:  Creating Wholesalers, Wholesalers Edit, Create Private Labels, Brands Edit White, Building Suppliers, Suppliers Edit, Product Creation, Product Edit, Set buying commissions, sales commissions Fix, Create Wineries, Wineries Mapping, profiling.

Others are program income and bank management, monitor transactions and connections, control operators and vendors balances, account of profits, balance sheet, etc.


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