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Allows connection of multiple devices. These devices may use different technologies to access the platform. We have an infrastructure for each of the systems presented as solutions to sales of products and / or services:

Web gateway to the central database. The system requires security requirements adapted to this environment and customer needs only in basic Internet as investment in the product.

With the simplest user interface and powerful on the market, the POS STES the perfect solution for the distribution of large-scale electronics. Low-cost, robust and ergonomic, the POS is a powerful communications equipment, enabling online interactive relationship with the client. Its technology combines standard functions of a cell phone (SMS, GPRS, USSD and voice). POS gateway manages connectivity with POS devices under the XML protocol over TCP / IP. Messaging to work under a scheme of multiple applications servers behind a load balancer as it does not require a session management by the application server. Designed to comply strictly with the functionalities of the POS ST electronic distribution is a product that does not include costly and unnecessary bank certificates of most of its competitors.


For users with mobile access requires a mobile phone equipped with WAP browser and Java support. Requests arrive at Platform Host that will process the transaction which through a proprietary protocol. The Host will map their internal protocol communication protocol Host owner operator. Protocol used for communication via SMS, USSD or WAP.

We can access the network using GPRS, GSM 3G and 4G. The system is designed to optimize traffic, obtaining the maximum communication cost savings.

Host – Host:
Sale terminals through third companies with their own software and administration, is the case of the large supermarket chains.

Access services recharged via voice recognition system that works through a series of prerecorded messages waiting caller response. (For PSTN connection is obtained via access to recharging services with identified CLI checking against our database). These data are checked against the database. If the check is successful you get access to services.

Vending – Autorecharge:
System that allows the inclusion of machines that can be integrated into the system, for marketing Reloads and other products. For this system can integrate other brands, they have their own products, but which are delivered to you all the tools to control them. Its use allows the optimization and reduction of labor and availability 24/7.

Dynamic Update: 

For the specific case of sale terminal, the platform offers a number of features that allow the propagation of changes in products, menus, etc., To customers. Thus when incorporated, for example, a new product, be transmitted to the POS information necessary for them to have the new product, dynamically and transparently. Additionally, parameters can be updated or even software sales terminals themselves.


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