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Prices per Product Management

This includes price changes as needed, preserving the history of them.

Product Management Country

This includes the introduction of new products in the platform, also updating the same data.

Managing Users by Country (creation, deletion)

It includes creating, updating and deleting them, considering that country are.

Warehouse management (creation, update, delete)

By creating new branches or warehouses, you need to have the proper administration of the same.

System audits

Delivering continuous reports of the activities of the users of the system.

Creating tools to ensure the continued sale of products with the best quality service and automate as many processes.

Implementation of new versions of the Platform

System Updates

Security Module 

Module Suppliers 

Module Product 

Customers Module 

Purchasing Module 

Drop in Purchasing Module 

Telemarketing Module 

Sales Module

Monitoring Module 

Dispatch Module 

Billing Module 

Return on Sales Module 

Warranties Module 

Inventory Module


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