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Technical Specifications

CPU 32bit ARM9 CPU
Memory Flash 128mb, 64mb ddr2 sdram
GSM Modem SIM800
Display 2.8'' black and white
Keyboard 24 keys
Battery 1100mAh Li-on battery, 7.4V
Developing environment Linux
Dimensions 155mm×235mm×95mm
Weight ≈1.2kg
Power supply AC input voltage Input: 110~220VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Power adaptor output DC 12V/2ª
Application environment Operating temperature 0℃~50℃
Relative humidity 10℅~90℅
Environment noise  ≤60dB(A)
Atmospheric pressure 86~106kPa
GSM parameters Frequency bands Dual bands, GSM900/1800 MHz
Frequency stability <2.5ppm
Receiver sensitivity < –104dBm
Transmit power <2W(900MHz),  <1W(1800MHz)
SIM card Interface  3V
Antenna SMA connector, 50Ω impedance, 3dB gain
Micro Printer Printing method Thermal-line dot method
Paper Thermal roll paper(standard), 57*50
Effective Printing area  48mm
Character 12*24 dots
Printing Head Life Pulse resistance:100 million pulses/dot(under standard conditions);
Abrasion resistance: paper traveling distance 50km(print ratio:25% or less)
Interface 1 USB + 1 Serial Prot RS232
Contactless and NFC: NFCIP-1 ISO 14443/Mifare/Desfire/felicas scheme
Magnetic Card Reader   Simultaneous 2 track reading (1/2 or 2/3) and 3 track (1/2/3)


2 ways reading

High Residence: 1,000,000 readings
IC Card Reader  

Landing Contact ISO 7816 1,2,3, EMV level 1

Protocols T = 0 and T = 1

High Resistance: 200.000 insertions



EMV Level 1

EMV Level 2. Kernel Module certified. Different ICS’s

PCI 3.0 Certified

Scanner Bar Code:  

Image Sensor: 752 x 480 CMOS

Rotational Sensitivity: 360º

Viewing Angle: +40º

Different Bar Codes: Bi-dimensional, linear, Postal Codes and OCR-A/B

Ambient Light Conditions: till 100.000 lux

Chip Card Reader  

Landing Contact ISO 7816 1,2,3, EMV layer 1

Protocols T=0 and T=1

High Residence: 200,000 insertions

Os   LINUX GNU Kernel included


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