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 ¿How do the cards?  
The cards work similarly to a prepaid card. Cardholders can use the card for anything you want, up to the value loaded on the card, in approved establishments. 

 ¿Is a credit card? 
No, the card is a prepaid card. This can be recharged with any amount you select within authorized limits.

 ¿How do I send money to a friend or family member?
Send money to someone is easy and fast. Just make a charge, or a transfer of funds to the receiver board. The receiver will have access to your money immediately, if the transfer of funds was made in an approved establishment.

 ¿How the beneficiary gets the money? 
The recipient, or the recipient may receive their money simply by making a withdrawal transaction in an approved establishment, or ATM (ATM) displaying the symbols displayed on the back of the card.

 As the card active once you receive it? 
Your card will be activated at the time of acquiring the authorized retail outlet

 ¿Where I can use the card?
While there are funds remaining on your card, the cards are accepted at authorized stores, having Pin Debit, cash machines (ATM) and point of service manager.

 ¿Can I use the card to buy online?
Absolutely! You can use the card for purchases anywhere that accepts.

 ¿ Can I use an ATM card to withdraw money?
You can use the card at any ATM. The Company deducted directly from your remaining balance, a service fee, based on our price list, for each withdrawal, and for each charge charged by ATMs not belonging to the Company. Depending on the ATM and the card issuing bank, your retirement may be limited to $ 200.

 ¿Can I add more money to the card?
Yes, our cards are rechargeable, our authorized outlets.

 ¿ How do I get summaries of transactions on my card?
You can get your abstracts to require them, at any time, by selecting Abstracts / Reports Management menu card.

  ¿How I can check the balance on my card?
You can check your balance and transaction history online at our website. Your home page will show the current balance of your Card. You can also call Customer Service.

 ¿How do I shop at a store?
When you are shopping in a store, simply present your card at participating merchant. The trader will enter the amount of the purchase and asked to authorize the transaction. You pay and accept the purchase when you enter your PIN on the keypad of the POS Terminal. The retailer will receive a receipt.



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