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Who  We are

TRANSACTION SERVICES is composed of a specialized group of engineers and technicians, with an experience of more than 6 years, have managed to develop and consolidate a number of high-end tools, adapted to the Latin American market, which are integrated and separate the specific each country market.

These tools make transactional services are currently one of the fastest growing companies and solvency in the field of providing e-marketing services, targeted at operators, managers, companies, public bodies, individuals and even marketers of all kinds product, as it becomes a strategic partner of R & D & I in new technology solutions.

Additionally are designed to be used by any company, you want to become a specialist in distribution, marketing and logistics products and services in e-marketing technology and physical products, with emphasis on the Latin American market, for which it has adapted in all fields, through strategic alliances with defined times, without engaging in marketing activities and strategic ally Installing, Configuring, and by operating the tool in the supplied hardware and based on their own premises.


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