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Transactional Platform

Platform (computing)

A platform is a system that serves as the basis for certain modules to operate hardware or software with which it is compatible. This system is defined by a standard around which determines a hardware architecture and software platform (including application environments).

By defining platforms down the types of architecture, operating system, programming language, or user interface compatible.

Transaction Services Platform,  is flexible, powerful, stable and highly scalable, with five years of experience in the e-commerce business, working with top managers, line operators and suppliers of services and / or products in several countries.

It is a sales transaction system, multi-product and multi-device, which is designed and supports any type of product and / or service that can be marketed and managed by a computer process.


• Operates in Web environment

• Operates in ambient Multiproducto

• Operates in ambient Multidevice

• Operates in multi-operator environment

• Operates in ambient Multivendor

• Maintain access control


Software platform:

1. Development Tools

Firmware developed inhouse and POS transaction platform based on JEE technology.

2. Database

PostgreSQL version 8.3

3. Operating Systems

GNU / Linux (Red Hat y/o Debian

4. Development languages 

PHP (Zend Framework) and Java (Enterprise Edition) All based on Open Source technologies.



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