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Plataform for Sale

TRANSACTION SERVICES develop a platform for the management and control of the various processes required for the marketing of physical products.

This platform is focused on selling systems so traditional as telemarketing or MLM

The Platform, through recognition of Caller ID, integrates Asterisk system, which can also be implemented by  TRANSACTION SERVICES, which allows developing sales through telemarketing output or input.

As a WEB process, all operations are generated in line, uniting the various departments involved in real time, allowing control of the time during the process.

The system integrates sales modules, (taking orders), customer service (information on sales history and processes shipments and deliveries), Supervision (Control credit limits and payment), turnover (production and printing bill), Delivery, (Bodegas, Inventories, motorized routes) and Delivery (Confirmation, returns, delays, route clearance and sales reports), the only requirement being an internet connection.

The system generates management tools that let you create, suppliers, products, promotions, pricing, Wineries, payments, assigning credit limits, inventory control and portfolio, and assign users to each of the processes.

Similarly, generates reports by operator (seller) by product, method of payment, by route, by companies, etc, also as graphs.

It can handle multiple business and / or cluster, allowing multicurrency handle at once.

Fits the processes established by the company and the use of databases with information collected to date and made part, according to a prescribed format.


 Opera Web environment

 Opera in multiuser environment

 Opera in multiuser environment

 Operates in ambient Multicurrency

 Operates in ambient Multicurrency



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