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Vending Solutions

Vending Why?

  Optimization and workforce reduction
  Availability 24/7
  No rows or wasted time and potential customers waiting time
  Distribution costs fixed and monitored
  New revenue sources (sales, advertising ...)
  PPossible increase of new products and services
  Stable point of sale, without modification in the process and time
  Remote management of machines and process through access online
     Secure Intranet (Web)
  Location limited
  It does not require human assistance
  Operation with cash: Universal
  Close relationship between the end customer and the product
  Remote Update software and machine products and services.
  Remote Control Management with access to sales reports (by product,
     per machine, per area), state machines, alarms, invoices.
  Communication via GPRS, no landline needed.
     GM Inquiry: Remote Assistance by GM Vending
     from a computer, the machine monitoring and diagnosing the
     problem. GM Technical Service and Vending can even act
     repair the machine remotely.
     GM Com: Communication system via modem / GSM allowing
     fleet management vending machines.
     Bos GM: Possible connection GPRS, Ethernet or WiFi communication
     TCP / IP. You may obtain sales information from the machine through
     a web service.
  Opera as a management tool machines. Alarms and Security.
     The great advantage of these tools in the daily business is the possibility
     Remote control and management of an unlimited number of vending machines
     without displacement.


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