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Pos Device

With the simplest user interface and powerful on the market, the POS ST, is the perfect solution for the distribution of large-scale electronics. Low-cost, robust and ergonomic, the POS ST is a powerful communications equipment, enabling online interactive relationship with the client. Its technology combines standard functions of a cell phone (SMS, GPRS, USSD and voice), the basic features of a POS and a micro browser that allows the dynamic development of new services.

The POS ST, is an in-house development of transactional services, which combines multiple technologies to provide an amicable solution for demanding environments.

His most important technical features give an idea of ​​the versatility. With its functionality, this POS terminal ST, can be used in applications such as lotteries, loyalty programs, POS, POS, banking correspondents, transportation, security, specific projects ticketing, etc.

Importantly, our terminal has been designed with one main goal: to be a standalone terminal.



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