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Remittances and Financial Solution

TRANSACTION SERVICES has made a strategic alliance with Ingenicard, to extend across the continent using its international electronic money cards.

Ingenicard U.S., Inc., "Ingenicard ™" is an innovative company that has revolutionized the way we manage our money and budget. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Ingenicard ™ can now convert electronic money card in many daily money transactions worldwide.

As an international provider of electronic money cards, Ingenicard operates one of the earliest and largest money exchange platforms in the world of its kind.

Our card services aimed at the residential and travel as well as the needs of the corporate world.

Ingenicard maintains direct relationships with world-class financial institutions and telecommunications companies to provide the best service and technology possible.

Through its platform, transactional services will become a virtual window Ingenicard, integrator managers in each country offering a very valuable way of sending money from USA, with minimal costs and complete safety for its prepaid activation form .

PROCESS FOR BUILDING MANAGERS IN THE DISTRIBUTION, activation and transactional operations PIN DEBIT CARD WITH Ingenicard in countries outside USA.

Country Manager Platform Hire Serv. Transactional to make financial transactions in the Windows Virtual Ingenicard.

Country Manager Agent is registered as ISO-ST MIBAS Ingenicard

The manager of the country receives through ISO-ST MIBAS a batch of cards that will be activated Ingenicard at the time they are sold at the POS created in the system and have balance.

Depending on the number of cards sold (activated) in the month, will be the amount of commission they receive MANAGER by operations carried out with the cards in the next month.

MANAGER distribute its commissions to its sales network, using existing tools in the Transaction Services Platform.

The manager must maintain an amount on your Prepaid account platform manager of ST in the country concerned, to ensure the collection and payment transactions are made with the cards at the POS, which in time must have their pre-paid balance in the account manager.

The commissions from the sale of products in the Windows Virtual immediately be applied to the outlets and agents in the time of each transaction, which will be verified in the same Platform gateway.

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 Access to more than 327,000 ATMs in the U.S.

 Access to over 1,000,000 ATMs worldwide

 Make Bill Payments Online in USA

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