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Targeting and Payment of Allowances

For a vast majority of Latin American countries, the application of some subsidies is presented as an unavoidable necessity, even though it is recognized that they have a number of drawbacks and distortions (providing contraband benefit higher-income sectors, encourage its consumption by low price) any government, at least in recent years, has been able to find a way to eliminate, reduce or focus the subsidy. And when they attempted to confront fiscal crises, political consequences were tragic. 

The subsidy is a financial or in-kind support to a government grant resources to compensate a person and groups of people fail to receive for various reasons. Subsidies are neither good nor bad, are beneficial or harmful depending meet or fail to meet their objectives. 

There have been studies with the World Bank to seek ways to minimize the fiscal sacrifice and also eliminate bad practices of use and transfer that occur today. Therefore require mechanisms for these subsidies are targeted by a card system. So these projects are vital for governments as a strategy. 

General Purpose: 

Governments provide a technology platform that enables the control and management pipeline rationalization of subsidies electronically and according to your requirements. 

Project Scope: 

Transaction Services has this solution implemented and presented through strategic allies according to the requirements of the country and product. 

His department IDI, enable you to evaluate each of the cases and have a solution that will be hosted safely, easy implementation, low cost and many benefits to project participants.


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